Streaming is a great way to trim costs for organizations while expanding the reach of your message. There are numerous services that offer simple, turnkey streaming packages without breaking your budget. These companies will come out with all the equipment, personnel, and internet infrastructure needed to record all of your proceedings and stream them in real-time to your customers (or staff). Many of the platforms offer additional options such as: real-time chat, Twitter integration, file depositories (for downloading slides or attachments), and presentation archives which will allow your customers to access the video files for months or years to come in a video-on-demand system. While there are many companies out there offering web conferencing services (think Citrix and WebEx), streaming companies differ in the fact that they use broadcast quality equipment and can deliver full HD video and audio to your customers. Multiple streams can be sent out, geared towards mobile devices, desktop/laptop viewers, large projection systems or even home theater viewers!

And remember – The cost of these services can often be paid for with the savings realized in reduced travel, lodging and production costs!

Posted on February 20, 2015 in Blog

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