Not everyone may appreciate the importance of sensory experiences in meetings, and I’m here to change their minds. When searching for a vacation destination, relaxation and tranquility are often kept in mind. We want some time to decompress and really take in our surroundings. Why not apply that when planning meetings? A pleasant environment will help your attendees not only attend, but truly enjoy and appreciate the material. Appropriate ambient lighting is also key and no longer just an aesthetic value. It is shown that people learn better, and even heal more quickly, when they are exposed to natural light and have views of the outside. In the case of many undergroud conference facitlities, special attention should be paid to lighting and creating depth and space. What are Other important key aspects to keep in mind? Planners should provide ample user-controlled technology so attendees can use all possible resources. Nutrition is also suprisingly important. Avoid providing heavy, sugary, and carb loaded menu items. This will insure your audience will stay awake during those long presentations.

Posted on January 24, 2015 in Blog

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