Up until a couple of years ago, you may not hav heard the term “Hosted Buyer.” Presently, Hosted Buyer Programs are becoming much more prevelant in the meetings industry but are they really effective? The answer seems to be “Yes!” Ever since the very first programs in the late 1980′s, the idea has steadily become more popular and streamlined. Its simple for a meeting planner, the buyer, to get in touch with and spend one-on-one time with suppliers they are really interested in. One supplier managed to land an $8 Million account during its very first set of meetings. New software is allowing planners and suppliers to communicate before meeting so as to make the best of the actual time they will have together. Suppliers that do their homework beforehand benefit the most. They easily reach target buyers while saving time and effort definitely making it worthwhile!

Posted on March 5, 2015 in Blog

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