This spring, MPI released a report that made the importance of today’s hybrid meetings apparent. In order to keep meeting attendance on the rise, planners are learning and embracing new technology that helps to blend traditional meetings with today’s virtual meetings. There is hardly a meeting today that doesn’t have some sort of hybrid element to it. Here are a few helpful hints to keep in mind when branching out into the world of hybrid:

Live Streaming of the Event: This is a MUST when hosting a hybrid event. You must make the same content available to virtual attendees as you do for the live attendees. This is great for educational sessions, general sessions, interviews with guest speakers, shots of the show floor, and more! Presentations should have an online streaming version posted soon after the event, as well, for later viewing.

Encourage live attendee interaction: Get your event trending by posting to Twitter, Facebook, or your other social media accounts. Guests will be able to see what people are saying about the event in real time. Commenting back, asking opinions, or posting interesting conversation starters will encourage more excitement and get more people talking!

Post videos and photos right away: Keep your photos and videos as up to date as possible. Lots of action-shots are important, but don’t forget to show off your keynote speaker, any special guests in attendance, or any suppliers showing off cutting-edge meeting innovations.

The old fashioned face-to-face meeting can never truly be replaced, but Hybrid events are a great supplemental resource. They can help to bump up your attendance for all of those who may not be able to partake in the full event. Stay on the forefront of the industry by adding different hybrid elements to your next event!

Posted on October 8, 2014 in Blog

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