How would you like a way to provide free promotion for not only your event, but your exhibitors as well? Most phones today have cameras (even older flip phones!) and today people are using those cameras with social media to broadcast more and more of their lives to the world. These exciting services allow your attendees an outlet for their pictures without you having to search for them. In most cases, these pictures can be instantly posted online to event websites as well as shown live at the event on display screens. Picwithus eliminates the need for a special app and creates an email address that guests can email (or text) their pictures to. This allows even users without smartphones to be participants. Sharypic goes one step further and will search Instagram and twitter for photos containing custom hashtags! As an added bonus, these pictures can be used as feedback to determine what areas of your event were most popular.

Posted on July 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

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