Smartphones are everywhere and encouraging your audience to put them away can be challenging.  Why not leverage the direct line of communication to your advantage?  These days, most big shows and conventions have custom apps that include simple scheduling and appointment tracking features. DIY solutions like Eventmobi ( make it easy enough for events of all sizes to connect with your attendees not only during the event, but pre and post show as well. In addition, there are some fun twists on mobile device interaction that planners and presenters alike can take advantage of.  TextLive ( allows attendees to comment in real time via SMS and be visible to all attendees via display screens.  Slide Klowd ( will give you the ability to share your slides and screen shots on attendees’ personal devices in real time (no more “I can’t see from the back row!”) Finally, Nice Meeting ( is a robust second screen application that allows for real time interaction between speakers and their audiences. For your next event, consider adding some of these neat twists on the same old presentation.

Posted on November 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

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